Sannifresh 5L Concentrate

    Latrine & Portable Toilet Treatment.
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    Eliminates foul odours from Latrines & Portable Toilets.

    SANNIFRESH is formulated from select enzymes and non-Pathogenic bacteria. It dissolves and digests foul smelling organic materials found in self-contained toilets and latrines.
    It is also suitable for use in toilet tanks where limited flushing can cause unpleasant odours to develop.

    Ideal for Boats, Caravans, Trains and Aircraft.

    SANNIFRESH does NOT have a Formaldehyde base as similar products often do.
    SANNIFRESH will NOT cause:
    1. Irritation of skin or eyes.
    2. Violent vomiting or diarrhea which can lead to collapse.
    3. Hypersensitivity leading to contact dermatitis, possibly of an aczematoid nature.
    SANNIFRESH is NOT a fire hazard, unlike Formaldehyde which if heated above its flash point will explode.

    SANNIFRESH is safe to use. It is harmless to you, the environment and any cleaned surface. It is compatible with Septic Tanks and Sewage Works.

    Ensure that the toilet tank is clean and free of harmful chemicals.
    Pour 1 part Sannifresh to 10 parts water.
    Repeat treatment each time you fill the tank.

    SANNIFRESH is dilutable 1 - 10.
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    • Manufacturer:Sannitree

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