Sannisparkle (1KG)

Sannisparkle Aquarium Water Cleaner is a concentration of enzymes and microbes specifically designed to keep aquarium water sparkling and clear.
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How does it work?

Each gram contains approximately one billion selected microbes, multiple hydrolytic enzymes and minerals (clinoptilolite / zeolite and montmorillonite). The product stimulates and enhances the natural biological decomposition process of organic waste matter found in fish tanks and aquariums.

The benefits

  • Keeps aquarium water clean and clear.
  • Eliminates suspended solids, bottom sediments and liquifies solid wastes.
  • Reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).
  • Adds valuable minerals and helps to stabilize the pH.
  • Promotes growth of the fish and increases their survival rate.
  • Dry powder formulation is easier to handle and has a longer shelf life.

What’s it good for?

- Aquarium Water.


25 grams / 1000 litres water once per week: use after flushing for best results; dissolve powder in a bucket containing the tank water (not clean water) and add to tank.


- 1KG Bucket.

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  • Item Code: SANSPARK1
  • Manufacturer: Sannitree

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