Replacement Filter Set for Waterex Air to Water Dispenser

    Set of 4 filters to change annually.
    R552.00  Inc Tax
    Complete set of 4 yearly filters for the Waterex Air to Water Dispenser.

    1. Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
      • Removes any contaminants from collection tank.
    2. Mineral Replacement Cartridge.
      • Adds minerals making the water healthy and more natural.
    3. Secondary Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
      • Further removes impurities and polishes the water.
    4. Polypropylene Sediment Filter (1um).
      • Reduces sediment, sand, dirt etc.

    UV Lamp not included as is only replaced when blown and not annually.

    Please note: The replacement filter set are not official branded Waterex filters, they are the approved generic replacements which serve the same function.

    *Actual filters may differ to image due to multiple suppliers.
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    • Item Code: AWMWRS

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